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Saturday, 28 September 2019

A Bigger Room for Big Groups

Since we began receiving guests in 2013, Islaverde Tropical Friendly Resort has not just been a popular place for families and couples, but also with groups for meetings and bonding sessions.

As the resort has become more well known we have added more kubos and units, and even camping facilities. 

Some time ago, To cater to small groups and families, we built what we call our 'Japanese Style' unit, which accommodates small groups on sleeping mats instead of beds.  We have been surprised by how popular this has become with our business guests.

Because the island experienced fully booked reservations in the summer, It was difficult for business groups to find accommodation on the Island.  So Isla Verde Tropical Friendly resort decided to offer another level of service to our business guests by offerring a special accomodation for larger groups.

So we took advantage of the start of the rainy season to expand out business and groups offering.

Introducing our latest project, our 'Group Fortress', a Japanese Inspired Room that could fit a maximum of 20 people.

The project started early August and in September 2019 it is still a work in progress, with hopes of completion around early October. It is located in a vacant lot next to the stone units.

When it is finished, it will consist of two rooms separated by a customized divider and an outside patio that will serve as a receiving and a dining area. It also has is own kitchen and common toilet for convenience. The walls are made of bamboo for natural ventilation and with pawid roofs as a shade from the heat.

Interiors and design are made one at a time so it is slow work, but we think when it is finished, this unit will be a place to relax as a group, with an air of class and elegance.

Rates will be PHP500 per person per night, which we hope is very affordable and reasonable for group bookings, given the design of the unit and the access to the facilities.

This new unit should help us to cater to the increasing demand for group activities, especially on the summer vacations.


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