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Monday, 20 October 2014

October at Isla Verde

 October has been another busy month at the Resort.  There has been more landscaping of paths and gardens, and the animals and birds are growing. 
 Accommodation is being built again.  The first two of the studio style accommodation units are progressing nicely with all the bricks being made on site by hand in concrete moulds.

 And two more Kubos (traditional Nipa Huts) are finished.  This means four of the planned ten huts will be available for visitors.  In fact we should soon have some overseas guests.

We have described before that the Kubos are a traditional style of accommodation that has been a part of Filipino life for centuries.  Isla Verde Tourist Friendly Resort is planned around a low impact lifestyle that is culturally authentic. 

 A nipa hut may only be small, but it can sleep up to four people. 
Filipino guests know all about the Kubo.  Their kids are taught about it in one of the first traditional folk songs they learn.

For Australian, Continental or British tourists, think of it like a bamboo and palm  Caravan or CamperVan accommodation, parked in a beautiful place.  I guess Americans would say it is like a small Trailer :-)

You have a beautiful sheltered area to sit and enjoy the breeze and the island, and  a closed sleeping area.  The raised sleeping platform is traditionally made from bamboo slats.

The picture on the right does not show the bedding supplied to guests.  It is just to show the size of the sleeping area.  Enough room to stretch out comfortably.

 The Cafe is also looking nice and has been popular.  More decoration has been done and it is now an inviting and relaxing place to be.

At Isla Verde Tourist Friendly Resort we are trying to have a low impact on the ecology of Isla Verde, while we offer overseas guests a chance to have a holiday where they can experience the real Filipino lifestyle, rather than fancy airconditioned city hotels and bright lights.

We hope also that our Filipino guests will have the chance to come as family groups and let their younger kids experience life on an island while still only being a few hours from Manila.

With no vehicle traffic on the islands it is a good place for the kids to enjoy healthy activities like walking, playing and swimming.

For the adults, there is hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving (can be arranged), fishing and other activities.  Or just relaxing without the constant sounds of the city.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ber Month

September starts the ber month, as we say here.  This is the time when everybody starts decorating and cleaning their houses, in preparation for Christmas.  

But at the resort there is not much time for Christmas preparations yet because there is still so much work to complete.

We have started building the first of our units, and hopefully, in November, we can entertain our first guests.   The workers have been busy making all the bricks by hand and now the walls are getting higher.

We have also built some more statues for the gardens, here in the resort.   The statues and sculptures add something to see amongst the gardens and landscaping.

We have done some more in the interior of our nipa huts, to make our guests feel at home as they stay here in our resort, and now we, we are decorating our cafe.

The cafe is looking more inviting and is already becoming a popular place.

Our animals and birds are happy and everywhere around us there is life and beauty slowly beginning to show through amongst the construction.