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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas and New Year at Isla Verde - by Nanay Jo

Another Isla Verde Sunset
Some timber to build the boat
There are lots of changes, for the cafe. It now stands 4 meters from the ground. Our new foreman, called Maestro, Mang Orly, helped us in building the. Cafe. We are expecting it to be finished next month.
 Dieter, with the resort workers, started their Sunday market. Mang Tony, who owns a small boat, with his nephew, Randy, goes to Batangas City, to buy fish, veggies and fruits to sell on their market day, while Aling Edith and Rachelle, carried them on big bilao, placed on top of their head, and sell on other baranggay. I'm seeing them happily working with each other.

Sister Tess
Carling, Rachelle's father, spend Christmas with us, as a gift he gave Dieter, 8 bantam chicken, Japanese chicken. Sister's goat soon will gave birth so with dove, and more animals will be here in our place.