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Monday, 13 February 2017

Nicolas explores Isla Verde

Nicolas ia an exchange student from France, now living in China and taking up aeuronautical engineering. He went to the Phillipines for 2 weeks holiday.

From NAIA, he rented a charter plane to Mindoro and stayed in San Jose, Mindoro. While he was staying in his room for 10 days, he looked at google maps saw Isla Verde.  He searched it online and read all the blogs about our resort and sent an email to me saying he wanted to visit our resort. On his stay in our resort, he found out that what is said in all the blog stories is true.

He enjoyed swimming and snorkelling with Dieter, in Sawang, Maliit na Nalayag and Mahabang Buhangin.

On his last day, after his breakfast, Nicolas, Dieter, Pipoy and Jaja went trekking to Mt. Lipon pon and Mt. Dagit dagit. They began with a boat tour first and were dropped to Cueva to start their trekking to Mt. Lipon lipon.

On top of the mountain they took rest as they're tired and exhausted and had their lunch for picnic.  Dieter pointed out to him the resort in the distance as it can be seen from the mountain. After they had rested they began to walk back to the resort and returned at 2 pm. As Nicolas was so tired I gave him hot tea with slice of ripe mangoes, then he decided to take a nap.  Then when he woke up he went with Dieter and Pipoy to Mahabang Buhangin for snorkelling.

The 3 days and 2 nights he was with us in the resort, he had so much fun and enjoyed experiences that were new to him, like eating filipino dishes, the beauty of the marine sanctuary and the rural living on the mountain.

He hopes one day he can come again with his family and friends.

Sadly we don't have photos of Nicholas' adventures during his visit except these few from part of the trek, but there are a few in this video clip.

Shalom Nicolas, till we meet again!