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Friday, 29 January 2016


I was in Batangas, after spending a couple of days doing some work for the resort when I got a message from Teena in our business page in Facebook.  She booked for 5 pax to stay overnight at our resort, the next day.  I had to stay overnight in Batangas, so I told her I will see them in the morning and I will travel with them as I will be returning to my island on the St Paul.

As we set off from Tabangao, there is one woman, I call her Nanay, who was sitting with us.  She was happily teasing my visiotors telling them the sea is rough, making teena a little scared, and making us all laugh.

Teena and her friends are  from Paranaque and some of our local Tagalog words are not familiar to her, so as we were sailing, they learned more Tagalog words which were not familiar to them and have a different meaning for them.  As their guide, I patiently explained to them, and they thought they were back in their social studies subject in school.

When they saw the facade of the resort, they were surprised, and as soon as they stepped into our resort they said they feel relaxed and feel what our other guests have said.  Like they are at home, but in a little piece of island paradise.

As their host, I did everything I could for them for them, to help them feel them they belong to our resort.  And they said they feel just to sit and enjoy the place made them want to stay there longer.

Teena was with her boyfriend, Jayson and even their Siamese cat tagged along for the visit.  Along with them were their good buddies Janet, Glenda, Precy, and Rj.  They promised of coming back, to visit our resort.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ate Tess Holiday

On the 2nd January ate Tess came back to the resort for a short holiday with her sons Dieter and Hikaru, together with our cousin Emil, his wife Raquel and daughter Zarah.

As a welcome, we filled the counter with food.  They enjoyed eating and love what we serve for them.  We served sinaing na tulingan (a well known Batangas dish - braised bullet tuna), japanese curry, spaghetti, fresh vegetables fresh veggie salad, pork parbecue, and  grilled liempo.

One of the things our guests enjoy most here is the peacefulness of our place.  They always sleep and when they wake up they like to eat.  Our place is so relaxing that they can enjoy dipping in our Japanese tub and sitting near the shore, watching the boats passing and watching the sea just makes them feel good.

My cousin,  Emil told me that theyre being spoiled here.  His daughter, Zarah is only 3 years old, so I found some of the local kids around her age to play with her.  Hikaru said it was like she has her own staff. The parents were happy to see that their daughter enjoying playing and was well taken care of.

On their second day, they took a boat tour aroubd the island, went swimming and had picnic at Mahabang Buhangin.  They came back happy and tired and had a long sleep, after which the family forgot to have dinner.

The folllowing day we woke up early to prepare breakast, as they missed last evening's meal.  They really enjoyed the fried rice, and the cold cuts hamonado and longganisa we served.  And also the daing na tilapia,  egg omelet, sausages and embutido.  Raquel told me they're well fed.

It was only a short visit and at noon they packed up their things as Hikaru had to catch a flight on January 4 intime to be back in Japan for work again.  Emil promised they will come back and bring some friends from the States.