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Friday, 21 June 2019

Islaverde Tropical Friendly Resort - 2019 UPDATE

This is our first blog post for 2019 and we would like to apologise for not updating our blog since last Christmas.  A lot has been happening and we are constantly trying to improve our facilities and complete maintenance and repairs.

It is the middle of 2019 already at Islaverde Tropical Friendly Resort, and our Habagat (monsoon season) is approaching again.  This is a popular time here as guests try to escape the heat and humidity of the city for a few days in a place where they can take a walk in the shade, or simply rest and relax around our lovely island paradise.

Since we started building our first two kubos in 2013, our thoughts have been to try to make a place where people can come to relax, but to try to have enough facilities, but still keep the price of a holiday affordable for average working people.

So we decided to have kubos as our main accommodation, with some stone units for people who want to stay in rooms that have a little more of a hotel style.  Later, because some guests wanted to camp, we added our camping ground.

Our biggest problems have always been that we have no electricity connection to the mainland grid, and we often have bad cellphone reception no matter which provider.

We began with only a few batteries for our electric power, charged by two solar panels and a diesel generator for emergency.  At first the electricity only powered Tess' Cafe and it was difficult for people to even charge their cellphones.  Now we have added more rooftop solar panels and our aim is to try to have some electric power to all stone units and kubos.

Trying to keep the resort looking attractive means that gardening and horticulture is an on-going chore here.  The grounds are leveled up in places and new plants and flowers are bought to highlight and accentuate the tropical feel of our resort. It gives this fresh ambience and natural touch that we hope will let you embrace every gift that Mother Nature has to offer.

We regularly retouch our kubos are and they are varnised with an earthly brown colour. Something that will appeal to the homely, yet traditional feeling and vibrance.

Interior designs are also added for comfort and relaxation. All this is done while trying to keep out accommodation rates at a reasonable price, so ordinary people can afford an island holiday.

At various places on the resort you will find some open swing cottages.  As part of our maintenance, we have given them an avocado green shine, something that stands out better in the crimson light. These cottages have become a popular outdoor place for guests to sit and take in the sunset views across the water, or just as a spot to relax away from summer heat.

Because snorkeling in the coral reef at the resort has become so popular, we purchased additional snorkeling gear for rent to cater to the growing needs of guests who want to enjoy an underwater adventure.

Everything about a resort is a work in progress and we are opening ourselves to more changes and improvements. It is because we want to serve our visitors better so that we hope you can have an even better experience and leave with a smile.

Hope to see you soon!