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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) - Update written by Tatay Ross for Jo and Tess

The first report from Jo and Tess after Hagupit!

The path of the storm showing how close it passed to Isla Verde.
In this image from PAGASA is looks like it is directly over the resort at 11pm Monday

And in this satellite image you can see the swirling clouds.  By this time we were lucky.  After crossing land at Samar and Masbate Ruby was no longer a super typhoon and by the time she got closer to Verde Ialnd she was just a normal typhoon with the usual amount of wind and rain. 

Wow, what an exciting few days as Super Typhoon Ruby began heading towards our little resort.  First, everything had to be tied down and loose items moved inside.  Personal items from the kubos had to be put somewhere safe, because if the typhoon hit at full strength, there was the risk that they would be severely damaged.

The stone buildings though, the cafe and the units are designed with tropical storms in mind, because these storms happen often iin the tropics.  It is just a fact of life, like typhoons and earthquakes in japan and so many other countries in our part of the world.  Of course, with all the hard work recently done on the gardens, there was the prospect of having to start all over again.

This is where our faith shines.  Every years, somewhere in these beautiful
islands, the hand of nature is raised as if to spank us like naughty children.  And every year, almost every Filipino prays to ask that the hand of God will be raised also in an attempt to protect as many of his children as he can.

And this time again, our prayers seem to be answered.

Nanay Jo is still checking everything, with much help from Ninio, who stayed to help protect the resort and the animals through the storm.  So far is seems most of the structures are fine, but there will be a lot to clean up and some replanting in the gardens.

Jo will write a proper report when she has more to tell us.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Preparing for our second Christmas - by Nanay Jo

Sa Pilipinas ang may pinakamahabang pagdiriwang ng Pasko. 

Naguumpisa na mag lagay ng mga palamuti sa nga tahanan, kalsada, at mga establisemento, sa buwan pa lang ng Septyembre.  Dito sa aming resort, nag lagay na rin kami ng mga pamaskong dekorasyon.  Mayroon kaming mga parol na yari sa plastic na hugis pinya at mga bilog na may ibat ibang kulay.   Naglagay din kami ng xmas tree, xmas light at ibat iba pang mga palamuti. Pinalibutan din namin ng xmas balls ang aming mga cottages na kulay na ginto at silber.  Sa tuwing tatamaan ng araw ay kumikinang, na parang xmas light.

Noong nakaraan Linggo, dumating sina Paolo para sa landscapping.  Nagtanim siya ng ibat ibang puno katulad ng
Hawaiin Palm tree, Coral tree, Golden Cocunut tree, Maki tree at ibat ibang uri ng gumamela, bongavilla at santan.  Napakagandang oag masdan.  Marami bumisita dito para kumuha ng mga litrato sa aming landscapping. 

Malapit na rin matapos ang bahay na bato.. ito'y magsisilbing tahanan para sa aming bisita.

Preparation for Christmas celebrations begins early in the Philippines and continue through the season.  Even as early as September people begin to decorate homes, roads and other establishemnts.

Here at out resort we have also begun our Christmas preparations.  We have lanterns made of plastic in the shape of pineapples and circles with different colours.  Again this year we have a Christmas tree and this year, because we have some solar power, we will have some Christmas lights. We also have Christmas balls and other decorations in gold ans silver around our cottages.  All day the decorations are glowing like xmas lights.

In the last week of November Paolo arrived to do more landscaping.  He planted various trees such as the Hawaiian Palm Tree, Coral Tree, Golden Coconut tree, Maki tree and diffrent types of Tulips, Bougainvillea and Santan.  It is beautidul to behold and many people are visiting just to take photos of our landscaped gardens.

The roof is now covering the first of the stone units that will become home for our guests in the near future.