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Monday, 17 June 2013

Drinking Water on Isla

Posted By Nanay Jo

Fresh drinking water is always a problem on islands, here and in other parts of the world.  At present it is necessary to bring bottled water with us when we visit, so in early June I went to Isla Verde to supervise the installation of a small water distillation system.  

The well water on that part of the island is brackish, and this new equipment will mean we can now have some water without the salty taste.  We will no longer have to bring mineral water with us on every trip.

Some of my pals from my old high school decided to come with me to see the new resort development.  We only had a couple of days on the island and my friends enjoyed the food and the tranquility of Isla Verde and said the refreshing sea breeze put them to sleep.  

Sadly, some of my friends had to leave after only one night but Edith stayed another day.  After the work was organised we tried to fit as much fun as possible into the time we had, so before she left we went for a boat ride around the island. She also enjoyed swimming with the kids, eating lots of fruits like mangoes, plums and coconut, and of course taking pictures.

It was only a short visit, but all of them promise, they will be back on isla verde.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tess visits Isla to see her project - and visits Monte Maria Shrine..

By Nanay Jo..
On May 21, my sister Tess, came for a short visit to see for herself how her project in Isla Verde is developing. We decided to make it a family occasion so we traveled to the island in a big group, with nieces, nephews, her staff and my mom, and spent three days exploring and enjoying Isla Verde and the local area. 

We were all happy, as we watched our nephews and  nieces bond with each other. On the first day the children and some of the adults swam a lot, snorkeling, looking at the many different corals and enjoying the sunshine. When night came, there was a bonfire near the sea wall. The children played, while the adults sampled bottles of local brandy. Then it was time for dinner and bed.

On our second day, we rented 2 boats, to have an island tour. We went to different resorts, took some pictures and enjoyed the water.

Francis lost a 500 peso bill in the water and although they tried, nobody could find it. Mom came to the rescue and showed her diving skill when she dived for it and found the bill. She taught Remy to swim too.

The following day, we left Isla Verde and took the boat to Tabagao on the mainland. There we rented a jeepney which took us to Pagkaitan. It is a two hour trip and from Pagkaitan the road is long and winding with a steep cliff on both sides. At the top of the mountain is the Oratory of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Monte Maria. Here there is a huge sculpture of the Mama Mary's face and hands raised in blessing. This large building is a not only place for prayer. Monte Maria is a place where the visitor can come for spiritual healing, peace and to rediscover their faith. My sister left this place with a happy heart, as Mama Mary has often appeared in her dreams.