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Friday, 30 August 2013


On July 13, a solar power system was installed at the resort. Now the night is not as dark as before and even the tourous look like small light houses because they have their own light.

This small solar installation means we can watch a favourite film on a DVD player or have a videoke party to pass the time. Visitors that have internet access can get online using the solar power. They can take photos and post them online to FaceBook on the same day, showing friends how much they are enjoying their stay.
With the help of solar power we now have no problem recharging out gadgets and communicating with family and friends, or keeping up to date with the latest news and weather information.
The kubos too benefit from the solar installation because now they have their own light and on the hottest days, even an electric fan. For now though, the weather here is cool, the breezes are refreshing and electric fans are the last thing we think about.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Good things are happening at Isla

On the last trip to Isla Verde the camera's memory card was faulty.  Nanay Jo is on the island again and will write three small stories for the blog when she returns.

One will be about the new Solar Panel installation.  Another is about landscaping work.  At the moment I have forgotten what will be in the third story.  I have seen a few pictures sent by phone and it looks exciting. 

The work is progressing and everything looks so different from what I saw last year.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Following the recent solar distillation project, to bring some pure water to the resort development, July had another step forward.  The installation of solar electric power for lights.

There was a problem with the camera on this trip, but as soon as the pictures and story are available the blog will be updated.

It is an exciting time at Isla Verde :-)