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Wednesday, 22 July 2015


 Jessica, whose nickname is JM, found our resort online last May,  and
booked for July 18.  She planned to come in group of 7 but an unavoidable circumstance prevented her other friends coming, so it was just her and JB.  We picked the couple up at Mahabang Buhangin.  They loved the sea and wanted to have a dip in the sea where the water is so clear.  After a while there we left to head over to the resort.    They rode motorbike which Ula drove to the resort. 

While I made lunch for them, they enjoyed taking pictures of the surroundings, sending them to their friends to tease them.  As they were tired from the trip they asked for their cottage and Pipoy, my helper brought lunch to their room.

At 2pm they went swimming and JB tried snorkeling for the first time.   He enjoyed the fishes with different colors swimming  around him.  They spent the whole afternoon, at the water and when it was low tide they enjoyed walking the stony shore and collecting some seashells. 

Later I called them as they wanted to take some pictures of the cafe.  They took a quite a lot of pictures around the resort. Then before it got dark they took a shower and rested awhile.

That night they decided to make bonfire near the bridge, and Pipoy gathered some wood for them.  It was lovely to watched this happy couple,  having a hotdog barbecue, and sharing some brandy.  About 9pm, they went to their room,  because they needed to carch the early boat leaving from isla.

In their a short visit here, they had fun times and planty of laughter.   They loved our place because it is so peaceful.  JM, had tjme to unwind from her stressful work. 

They plan to come back in November,  this time with their group of friends.

UPDATE:  A nice surprise email from Jessica to Nanay Jo.

Thanks Tita Jo, for our great stay.  
We were able to experience a stress- free life even for a day.  We really loved the peacefulness and simplicity of Isla Verde.   The serenity of the sea, the clear water,  the kind of silence  that was deafening but not boring, yet relaxing.  The fireflies, that romantic bonfire  by the was priceless and PERFECT! Super worth it.  Hands down to your resort, hands down to isla Verde  :-)    Till next time.

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