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Friday, 23 September 2016

Our lovely Guest Relations Officer - our dog, 'Fenjo' died in August 2016.

Beside the path, beside a tree,
A stone, a memory.
A place where lies a faithful friend,
A joy, a pal to me.

Fenjo was given to me by Femnia and Josephine, a couple here in our community and combining their names is how I got his name Fenjo.

He was just 2 months old when I brought him home to our resort.  He was well taken care of.  He had his own bed and NiƱa used to put him on stroller for a ride when they went out.

Like all puppies, for a while it seemed all he ever wanted to do was eat and sleep.  But before long he began to discover the interesting little world that is our resort.  He started to come into the sea for a swim whenever I went to relax in the water.  Later he would join the guests, swimming with them.

After a while the guests would let him go with them as they explored the island and when they wanted to return, Fenjo would lead the way home with his tail standing proudly like a banner.

Fenjo learned early, the difference between guests and their activities, and intruders who sould not have been on the property after hours.  He was my pal and my protector and he always warned me and my helpers if there was someone around.

Many of our guests have told stories about Fenjo and there have been messages of sympathy from those who know he is no longer with us in life.  But he has a special place in out memories and there is a small stone in a spot in the resort where we can remember him as we pass by.

Tita Jo

Rest In Peace, My faithful pal 'Fenjo'