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Saturday, 17 March 2018

March to remember-Mike with Ameeh

Very warm welcome! The staff and owners are very gracious and accommodating.

The snorkeling sites of Isla Verde  is one of the best I have seen so far even comparable to Coron at  very minimal expense.  I was able to experience/see coral formations which are still very pristine  and untouched and better yet with the experienced  guidance of  our tour guide,  kuya Diet,  I was fortunate enough to see lobsters, baraccuda, and sea turtle. How cool is it!

The kubo accommodation that we got was good for 4 pax.  2 bunk beds with our own sala. It is very charming and cozy.

The best of asset of this reason is their people.  All are very nice,  that makes the experience a whole lot better.

If you will ask me if i will come back,  my answer would be a resounding " HELL YEAH "and next time,  I'll  bring my bestie along so he can can experience  this as well.

For the food they would tell you to bring your own,  but I wouls suggest that let them cook for you.   The price is very reasonable and Ate Jo and Jaja can even make the experience  better by preparing a romantic  candlelight  dinner for you.  A hint for incoming guests,  you can ask for Miso soup,  it is authentic  as you can get locally.

We came here as turista looking for a new place to experience,  but we came out with  new friends  and whole lot envigorated ready to face the world of work again.

This may sound cheesy but I tell you must go to this place/ resort and you will understand.