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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Biyaheng Manday Holiday Group

Jon,  the president of BMHG,  called me up after he found our resort on the internet.  As Monday  is their day off from work,  they came to visit our resort last September 18.  They are group of barista,  videographer and spotter  from billiard.

  They spent their time off in our resort, doing snorkelling in Mahabang Buhangin, Sawang, and at our rocky beach and Maliit na Nalayag. Some members of the group brought  their fishing  rods and tried fishing in front of our resort. But unluckily, they didn't catch any.  It was,  our helper, Ron ron who caught a fish and some of the group played a prank.  What they did was put the fish in the shorts of  one member of the group who was sleeping in our Cabana.  That woke him up, and all of them  burst into laughter.

When they had finished snorkeling,  Dieter and Lexi showed them how the village life is.   They went for a short trekking from Mahabang Buhangin, passed through the forest to reach another barangay called San Agustin Silangan, Lukban,  Gabihan then back  to our resort.

Before the sunset they tried to climb the  little rock formation called Maliit na Nalayag and took some pictures  of themselves.

When night came, they set up their tents, had their dinner and got ready to have some nightlife with a bonfire.   They brought hard drinks with them which they shared for their night.   I heard their laughter from the kubo.   They enjoyed their night and had fun drinking around the bonfire. When it got late they decided to go to bed.   But before  they went to sleep they planned some night swimming in the our infinity pool, and then all of them went to bed.

They woke up early to continue their adventure in isla.  After having their breakfast they started to change their clothes and went for swimming and snorkeling.   They came back before noontime, had their  lunch and prepared themselves to leave as the boat was to fetch them at 2pm.

The group left happily with smiles and thanked us for taking good care of them.  Jon promised me that they  will come back with more members of their group.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

August was the start of our Habagat

The the month of August is is part of our habagat (Monsoon) season.  The port at Tabangao is not used in habagat time as the sea is rough ├ánd we experience some gale winds, so all of our guests need to travel to Dela Paz which is a further distance compared to Tabangao Aplaya. 

They need to take a jeep from the SM terminal in Batangas City and it will cost 45 pesos per head.The trip is a long winding roads which is quite tiring but good for sight seeing. 

After June and before November, when you contact us to make a booking, we will tell you if you need to leave from Tabangao or from Dela Paz.

The month of August had two long weekends, so a number of guests came to relax at our place.  There were groups, couples, lovers and returned guests who happily enjoyed our place.  It was a new experience for most of them as the place is quiet and yet has lots of places to explore and things to learn. We have guests who got their first experience of snorkelling and saw the beauty of the marine sanctuary.  There are always some guests who want to enjoy the experience of reaching the peak of Mt.  Dagit dagit.  Others simply come for a rest and relax from the city noise.

Last year we built a small infinity pool so our guests could swim in the rougher weather and still have protection.  It gives pleasure to them for photo shooting and playing with the waves as they sit at the edge of the pool.  It is becoming a favourite place to relax.

Guests also enjoyed the warm relaxing of our Japanese tub.  They like the smell of the citrus leaves that I mixed with the warm water. It makes them feel refreshed and soothes their skin.

We had more University students.  This group was studying Aviation Tourism, and they found us online.  They decided to come to our place as they wanted to use our resort in part of their thesis.  Dieter was happy to answer their questions about Isla Verde, the resort and the local ecology, as well as the Marine Sanctuary and its importance to the eco-system and tourism.

To all our guests and returned guests who never seem to get tired of coming here "Thank you for all your interest of coming to us.   And we are thankful for all your reviews, comments and suggestion written on our log book.

Long Live Isla Verde Tropical  Friendly Resort.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Here come the rainy days.

Summer is over and  it is the start of our rainy season.  But we still had visitors, such as groups and couples, solo traveller and friends who came to visit our place.  They told us they like our place that's so perfect for them to stay as it is quiet, so peaceful, where they can relax as well as have fun with activities like snorkelling, free diving as we are part of marine sanctuary.
They were overwhelmed with the marine life.  They have seen beautiful corals which they have not found in other places.  Some enjoyed kayaking and fishing as well.

There are guests who are mountaineers who have gone to Mt. Dagit Dagit and Liponpon.  They're happy to have reached the top of the mountain even it took them long hours.

On their stay here, most guests take a short village tour of the island and they feel lucky as they found we have no electricity here and were surprised too, seeing houses with solar panel and cables.  Sometimes they felt sad seeing locals fetching water and carrying on their shoulders, or kids pushing a cart with heavy containers of water.  But that is the reality of living on a small island.

Now our guests are patronizing our home made delicacies of pakaskas, champoy and other local products made from the Buli tree, like bags and mats.

We are happy to see too some of our returning guests that came back and brought another group of friends with them.  They have told us they missed the place and the services we rendered to them, like making them at feel at home with us and like family in our resort.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Lesh Manibo - A Visit to Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort

In April 2017 Lesh Manibo and some of her friends came to visit our resort.
She wrote a nice review about her stay, and shared some beautiful photographs with us.  I decided to post the review so I can share my favourites from her photos.

April 2017 - written by Lesh.
I never thought that a place like this still exist. This is a heaven sent place. All the people we met are very friendly and very accommodating.
The life at Isla Verde was just simple and that is what they teach in every tourists that come to visit them. I just hope that after a few more years when more tourists already discovered this place, it will never lose its own beauty.

This is really a good place to think and escape from the chaos in the city.
I had pretty much perfect pictures.
No need for filters or effects, just a perfect place, with perfect peers to be with and perfect photography skills of friends and tour guide.
When we were about to leave and I saw the glittering dust from above and the planktons that seem to be pearls in the sea at night, that was the time I knew that Isla Verde really captured my heart.

Thank you Lesh for sharing with us.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Rebecca - from Uk: Cavite: by Jo

Rebecca is from London in the U.K. and loves to travel alone.  One day I received an email from her inquring about scuba diving and my reply to her was that there is no diving shop here in our island, but as we are part of the marine sanctuary she can have snorkelling and free diving.  After a few days I got reply from her and she booked last March 24 for an overnight stay.

As soon as she stepped into our resort she just relaxed for few minutes and then went swimming with Dieter and did some snorkelling.  She enjoyed snorkelling for few hours and and when noontime came, she had lunch in the swing by the sea.  As Rebecca is a vegetarian, I cooked special food for her.  She had ginisang monggo (made with sauteed mung beans) and brocolli  with oyster sauce and mangoes.  Then, she took a rest for a while. After an hour Dieter took Rebecca for the short walk to the sandy beach at Mahabang Buhangin for swimming and snorkelling.  They came back at 3 pm and she took a rest in one cottage near the sea, and the gentle sounds of the waves put her to sleep.

When she woke up I offered here a veggie sandwich and hot Japanese tea. While she was enjoying her afternoon in the swing she read her pocketbook which she brought with her, and waited to catch the sunset.

The sunsets here at Isla Verde can be beautiful and they are a great way to end a day.  After the view of the sunset she took a bath and then rested in her kubo.  At 6:30 she had her dinner of potatao salad with beets, chocolate puto, rice delicacies and pineapple, sitting by the bonfire.

After dinner Rebecca, Dieter and Pipoy stayed by the bonfire for a while and had a drink.  She planned to stay only for one night but because she was enjoying our resort and our company she decided to stay for another day.

She went to bed at 9 pm as she would be getting up early for trekking to Mt. Dagit dagit. I gave her a light breakfast when she woke up.  Bread with cheese, sunny side up egg and brewed coffee so she would have energy for trekking for 4 hours, and I packed a sandwich for her too .

After 4 hours of trekking they came back.  She had fun with Pipoy as her tour guide.  She speaks little Tagalog, as Pipoy was suprised to discover.

I gave her lunch of coleslaw, mangoes and puto pau, another rice delicacy with melon juice as she was tired from trekking.  After her lunch she took a rest.  She enjoyed resting in our folding bed facing the the sea as she feels the sea breeze, while reading her pocketbook.  When the sun shone hot, she moved to her kubo and fell asleep.

She got up late in the afternoon, took a bath, and walked towards the sea and started to read her book.

When it was getting dark I gave her dinner for her last day. Stir fried French beans with oyster sauce, and radish salad.  I was pleased when Rebecca told me I'm a good vegetarian cook as she said all the meals I served to her were tasty and delicious.

She went to bed early as she would leave for an early trip to Tabangao.

Rebecca said she will be back again as she had fun with us and loves our place.

See you next time Rebecca!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Vietnamese Guests - by Jo

Tina has been an exchange student from Vietnam and has lived in the Philippines for 6 years while she studied.  She graduated from La Salle University last March 12.  Her parents visited the Philippines to attend her graduation, and she brought them here to our resort.

This is what Tina wrote to us:

I invited my parents to go on a short trip that's not far from Manila.  So I searched for top best places to go in Batangas and I found Isla Verde Island.  The place seems to be interesting and fascinating for me, so I decided to visit here for the first time.  I have also researched for the tips and reminders before commuting to our destination.  Hence, our travel was very fast and smooth which took us 3 hours waiting for the boat because we arrived too early.

Everything was great.  The owners of the resort were very approachable and accommodating to our needs.  Most importantly, we were amazed with the beaches surrounding here because of the clear water and beautiful view of corals.

That's the part that we enjoyed the most and we definitely won't forget the memorable experience.  By any chance, we would love to stay longer and enjoy each moment here in this island and the wonderful people here.

Vo Phuoy Thao

It was so nice to have Tina and her parents here.  Some of my family happened to be staying here also and when we lit the evening bonfire there was a happy group, Tina and her parents, with me and my sons Budoy and Boyboy, and cousins Dieter (who takes our guests on guided tours), Macky and Dimple.

They are a kind and happy family and even invited us to share some of their meals, including rice topped with ground peanuts and sesame seeds and some spam.

Tina would have liked to stay longer, but her father was called back by the Vietnamese Embassy so they had to leave the following day.

They have invited me to visit them in Hanoi, and I hope one day I can go.

Before passengers boarded the boat, the goods were taken aboard for people on Isla Verde.  

After about 45 minutes sailing - Arrival at Isla Verde.

Then into the small banca to be paddled ashore.. Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort.

The accommodation is not luxury, just a simple bamboo hut (kubo).
There is a 'Tess Cafe' if you don't want to cook for yourself, with nice meals available.

Around the resort there are simple dirt tracks
And cement paths.
Leading to little villages in the countryside,
And by the seaside.
While the best coral and fish are seen by snorkelling in the shallow waters right in front of the resort, it is only a short walk to sandy beaches.
If you want to rent snorkelling gear for a small fee..
You can snorkel even from the sandy beaches..
or relax with the friendly locals and enjoy the view for a while.
Not all the homes on Isla Verde are simple.  It is an interesting place to explore.
From the fishing beaches.. the mountains.
There's always something to see.
And when you return at the end of the day...
After a pleasant day of exploring..
The sunset..
..changes the colors of the island!