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Friday, 24 April 2020


COVID 19 is pandemic.  
We were temporarily closed last March 22, 2020, the start of the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the whole island.  
We are not allowed to go out from house, unless it is necessary like to buy food to the store.  
We are not allowed to leave the island nor to receive people who wanted to come here especially if they  coming from Manila.

But as time passed by, we went into lockdown.  
There are no more normal boats trips.  A special scheduled trip is issued to buy stuff in mainland Batangas.  
Even the road became more quiet as you cannot hear kids' voices yelling and laughing and a Curfew was imposed especially to minors.  
Thus kids had quality time bonding with their parents- helping their parents doing chores.  They fetched the water.  Sweeping in the ground in the morning.  Doing the laundry.  And in the afternoon neighboring kids gathered together playing ML ( MOBILE LEGEND) to spend their afternoon.

The local mothers have time to weave mats in the afternoon and gossipping among locals stopped as need for social distancing.

The boats who were busy transporting guests and for boat tours around the island became fishing boats.  The construction workers became good fishermen waking up at early dawn to catch fish, which they sell for an income, and some share with friends and other relatives.  
For this month they always catch BALAKWAS (plotting fish), they dry them and cook like sinaing, adobo, fried and skrewed them and fry too.

As lockdown was extended till April 30, our Baranggay Offers became more busy.  We received reliefs from our National/Local government which were deliver to our house by our Baranggay Councilor and Baranggay Police Officer to their designated areas.  We received rice, canned goods, sachets of coffee, biscuit  some sachet of soup and box of Vitamins.

There were good samaritans who spread love, gave sacks of rice, bread with sachet of coffee.

In time of needs Filipinoes are always in Bayanihan- Filipino custom where people work together to accomplish task.

Salute and Thank you to our frontliners -  locals who are Baranggay  Officers, Health Workers,  Teachers, Volunteers who look after us in this pandemic. 

Lastly,  I want to share to you a local guy  ONAD singing ISLA VERDE HISTORY.