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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Biyaheng Manday Holiday Group

Jon,  the president of BMHG,  called me up after he found our resort on the internet.  As Monday  is their day off from work,  they came to visit our resort last September 18.  They are group of barista,  videographer and spotter  from billiard.

  They spent their time off in our resort, doing snorkelling in Mahabang Buhangin, Sawang, and at our rocky beach and Maliit na Nalayag. Some members of the group brought  their fishing  rods and tried fishing in front of our resort. But unluckily, they didn't catch any.  It was,  our helper, Ron ron who caught a fish and some of the group played a prank.  What they did was put the fish in the shorts of  one member of the group who was sleeping in our Cabana.  That woke him up, and all of them  burst into laughter.

When they had finished snorkeling,  Dieter and Lexi showed them how the village life is.   They went for a short trekking from Mahabang Buhangin, passed through the forest to reach another barangay called San Agustin Silangan, Lukban,  Gabihan then back  to our resort.

Before the sunset they tried to climb the  little rock formation called Maliit na Nalayag and took some pictures  of themselves.

When night came, they set up their tents, had their dinner and got ready to have some nightlife with a bonfire.   They brought hard drinks with them which they shared for their night.   I heard their laughter from the kubo.   They enjoyed their night and had fun drinking around the bonfire. When it got late they decided to go to bed.   But before  they went to sleep they planned some night swimming in the our infinity pool, and then all of them went to bed.

They woke up early to continue their adventure in isla.  After having their breakfast they started to change their clothes and went for swimming and snorkeling.   They came back before noontime, had their  lunch and prepared themselves to leave as the boat was to fetch them at 2pm.

The group left happily with smiles and thanked us for taking good care of them.  Jon promised me that they  will come back with more members of their group.