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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

November 2019 - Dogs are indeed a man's best friend.

Meet our adorable, huggable and lovable little pal, Jaru.

Everybody loves Jaru for his friendly features.  Who would have thought that our furry friend would be an excellent tour guide and a great companion in times of boredom. 

Every morning, he would be running enthusiastically towards approaching guests,  welcoming them with his wagging tail and a cheerful bark.  He could be seen visiting the units of every guests to check if they are doing fine. And by night,  he would be joining you by the campfire under the presence of the moon and stars.

Jaru is a stray dog  and is adopted by the son of the resort owner, Hikaru. He is found wandering aimlessly on Tabangao port on October 2018. As an afraid little puppy, he is very hesitant to meet people.  Weak and hungry,  he simply approached Hikaru and gently frolicked at his feet,  waiting for Hikaru to return the gesture to him. Feeling pity towards this creature,  Hikaru picked him up and brought Jaru to the resort, raising it as his own.

Jaru is raised and fed by Jaja, one of the resort's employees. Jaja gave the puppy an extended unconditional love that it learned how to show care and attention in return.  Thus he is named Jaru,  as a combination from the name of his caretakers.

Jaru is always present on photo ops on guests and a shout out in their reviews. He is known for his expressive eyes, that reflects his warm emotions. He is also known for his energetic stamina of accompanying guests in the village tours and for taking a  tireless swim with them on the shore.  His charming smile is something worth remembering and you would enjoy taking selfies with. Just don't forget to give him a bag of doggie treats as a tip for his extensive service.

Your Isla Verde experience would not be complete if you did not encouter this happy creature. Surely,  he will give you that perspective that animals are great companions and their love and affection is something that could really comfort us, especially on times of solitude and loneliness.