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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

August was the start of our Habagat

The the month of August is is part of our habagat (Monsoon) season.  The port at Tabangao is not used in habagat time as the sea is rough ├ánd we experience some gale winds, so all of our guests need to travel to Dela Paz which is a further distance compared to Tabangao Aplaya. 

They need to take a jeep from the SM terminal in Batangas City and it will cost 45 pesos per head.The trip is a long winding roads which is quite tiring but good for sight seeing. 

After June and before November, when you contact us to make a booking, we will tell you if you need to leave from Tabangao or from Dela Paz.

The month of August had two long weekends, so a number of guests came to relax at our place.  There were groups, couples, lovers and returned guests who happily enjoyed our place.  It was a new experience for most of them as the place is quiet and yet has lots of places to explore and things to learn. We have guests who got their first experience of snorkelling and saw the beauty of the marine sanctuary.  There are always some guests who want to enjoy the experience of reaching the peak of Mt.  Dagit dagit.  Others simply come for a rest and relax from the city noise.

Last year we built a small infinity pool so our guests could swim in the rougher weather and still have protection.  It gives pleasure to them for photo shooting and playing with the waves as they sit at the edge of the pool.  It is becoming a favourite place to relax.

Guests also enjoyed the warm relaxing of our Japanese tub.  They like the smell of the citrus leaves that I mixed with the warm water. It makes them feel refreshed and soothes their skin.

We had more University students.  This group was studying Aviation Tourism, and they found us online.  They decided to come to our place as they wanted to use our resort in part of their thesis.  Dieter was happy to answer their questions about Isla Verde, the resort and the local ecology, as well as the Marine Sanctuary and its importance to the eco-system and tourism.

To all our guests and returned guests who never seem to get tired of coming here "Thank you for all your interest of coming to us.   And we are thankful for all your reviews, comments and suggestion written on our log book.

Long Live Isla Verde Tropical  Friendly Resort.