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Monday, 27 November 2017

Oct-Nov 2017 long weekend

As we had a long weekend in October and November, we had many guests who came even though it was still our rainy season. 

Some of the guests returned again because they missed the peacefulness of our place.   They were surprised with some new developments of our resort and had more picture taking of our surrounding.

There were guests who enjoyed snorkelling, as we have tour guide who took them to different snorkelling area, and at the same time had short visit of hiking in our community.

Some tried climbing up Mt. Dagit dagit even though it was slippery and wet, and enjoyed the fruits that the locals have in the high land. They even brought fruits with them in coming back to our resort.

As it was  my birthday too,  I prepared a free lunch for those guests who came last Nov. 17, with my youngest Boyboy and his officemates who always come to celebrate my birthday with me in our resort.   Happily, they enjoyed the food I served to them.

And before the evening ended we had a bonfire for our guests,  where they could have special moments with their friends and loved ones,  sharing drinks, stories, laughter and fun.

For our guests who patronized us and enjoyed the services we rendered to them, we all say "Thank you very much". We enjoy making them more comfortable on their stay with us, and love to see them keep coming back and bringing more friends with them, 

-- Tita Jo and Staff