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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Mid Year Group Outing

 Its the midyear already and despite the start of the rainy season, visitors still arrange their booking and reservations with us.

And what a nice way to open the season with an island boat tour, a 2-3 hours boat ride which include a boat rental and tour guide.

Meet Ms. Yhona Eugenio and her team mates.  They had their group outing at the resort for the first weekend of July. This is to celebrate the birthday of their friend Grace.

After having their lunch and a quick rest, they changed into their swimming outfits and climbed onboard to our humble vessel.

First stop will be in San Agapito, where we swam the serene blue waves and sank our feet in the white sand of the Sawang area. 

Amidst the vibrant crimson horizon where the sea meets the sky, we cant help but to admire the beauty offered by God and nature.

After the relaxing dip and photo ops, we headed to the peaceful own of San Andres. We did a little trek to see the caves, have a chat with the locals and visited the lighthouse.

Upon the cliff where the lighthouse stand, we have a great view of the Philippine sea as well as the Batangas mainland. It was breathtaking.

We also visited the Long Beach (Mahabang Buhangin) which is known for its virgin white sand. This is where we spend most of the time doing our water actvities.

And for the final stop, we dropped off the Isla Verde Tropical Friendly resort for snorkeling and diving. This will be the final stop to enjoy the view of the golden sunset, that marks the beautiful end of a remarkable day.

Truly this is one unforgettable experience they will treasure as evident in their pictures.

Thank you Ms. Yhona and friends. We hope to see you again xoxo

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  1. family bonding ,cherish our good old days inspired us , more our dear mother given us an opportunity to have more idea step to our success, we do admire my mother for hr imaginative creation on how a house is a home .... she is 91 and we do hope celebrating her 92 years old aat isla verde - see you soon ....