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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Return Visit of Papa San, and visit by Lipa Teletech staff - By Jo

Sukumuto san, was here 2 years ago with his old friends, but when he came back for a holiday here in our resort, he brought with him, his son and daughter, Francis and Kakai. This visit to our country by Papa san, as we called him here, is a family bonding experience.

Papa san, loves to be pampered and once again we made sure we looked after him very well, as he has some health problems and his sight is getting poorer.  I gave him a cane to help him walk up the path to the back of the resort as he loves to take a nap in a hammock in our camping area.  He slept so well in the hammock that he forgot the time to get up.

Sukomoto san, enjoyed himself reading and tanning himself alone in our resort, while his kids were busy exploring the isla, taking a village tour, swimming at Mahabang Buhangin and Sawang, and also at Samapalukan, collecting sea shells.  Sometimes Papa San swam alone in front of the resort, but he enjoyed eating together with his family.

While he was here we also had more guests.  A group from call center Lipa Teletech came.  They are  group of hot and sexy ladies, namely  Myrna, Foinn, Dada, Danica, Mabel and Marisse. They arrived before lunch in time to eat in our swing facing the sea.  

After having their  lunch, they decided for walk to Mahabang buhangin to swim and have fun in the water.  They took photos of the surroundings and after a few hours, they came back to the resort, where they sat on the dike while enjoying watching the fishes jumping out of the sea.

They stayed till evening and took pictures of the sunset. Then they decided to take baths, and their aunt, Amira set the food they brought to grill for dinner.

When night came and all our guests had finished their dinner, we set the bonfire for them.  Papa san had drinks with his son, Francis while Kakai had her coke to drink with their Filipino delicacies, including balut (boiled unhatched eggs).  The lovely ladies from the call centre also sat enjoying their snacks and soft drinks around the bonfire.

The ladies didn't stay much longer that night as they needed to get up early to catch the boat trip to Tabangao.  When the rain started to fall Papa san and his family decided to go to their units to sleep too.

We got up early as we were going to walk with the sexy ladies to the Sawang shore to catch the boat back to the mainland.  They bid goodbye to me, and promised to be back in their long weekend holiday.

On Papa san's last day in our resort, he stayed under the sun a lot so he could have tanned skin.  And his kids did a lot more exploring the island.  Papa san told me he will bring his old friends back here to our resort with a longer time for his next stay. I am happy because I will meet his friends Shirigashi, Kubota and Sawaga san again.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Monkeying About at Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort

Some time ago we welcomed a new member of staff to the resort.  His name is Jonel and he has appeared in a few blog posts and on our Facebook page.  Jonel is a an 'old world monkey' of the type known as a crab-eating macaque.  More specifically he is a 'Macaca fasicularis philippensis', the Philippine long-tailed macaque.

Although called a crab-eating macaque, crabs do not typically form much of their diet, but in some countries where they live in mangrove swamps they are known to dive for crabs and other crustaceans.

Most of their diet is made up of fruits and seeds and they also eat leaves, flowers, roots and bark.  They are opportunistic eaters though and will also eat birds in the nest (chicks or adults) and lizards, frogs fish - whatever is convenient.  Jonel is partial to bananas and just about anything tasty and healthy.

Jonel and monkeys like him are not very big, only about the size of a large domestic cat.  Macaques are used to living in a family group composed mostly of females and babies.  They are quite intelligent and can become bored, which sometimes leads to unusual and occasionally destructive behaviour.  That's why he's living in his tree and not living in the house or given the run of the resort.  He does have safe shelter though when he needs his privacy or to get away from the weather.

One thing most monkeys love to share with their family is grooming each other.  It is not always a good idea to let your monkey become your personal hair stylist though.  This is Jo before and after a visit to Jonel's SALON..

Jonel is cheeky and playful and our guests love to see him.