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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Today is Christmas Day and I just got some pictures from Nanay Jo, who is still at Isla.  Jo will write a post for the blog when she is back from the island, but for now, here are some pictures from the Fishing Event.

 Special shirts were printed..

It doesn't matter if you are older..

 Or younger..

As long as you enjoy fishing!!


Monday, 23 December 2013

 It started as an idea and a drawing on paper.

 Then came sand and cement.

 The blocks, every one of them, made by hand.

 To build The Cafe.

 And now it has windows.

And pretty flowers are growing.

And it is Christmas Time at Isla Verde Eco-Friendly Resort!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

by Nanay Jo

As we are building the café, which we expect to be completed before Christmas, we have started decorating the resort. We placed 2 christmas trees. One big Christmas tree, was placed near the seawall, while the other one, was placed on the way near the kubo. We put some gold decorative balls and bells, that when the sun shines on them, glitters like Christmas light. We have 3 angels and a big Santa Claus, and the kids love posing with him.

The flowers in the resort, bloom a lot. Angge, who was one of our helpers, patiently watered the plants, everyday. When Yolanda, came last month, some of our fruit bearing trees, where damaged. Some of the stones, scattered, which hit the citrus trees. And when I came back 2 weeks ago, some local people gave us more trees to plant and more plants. In the near future, we expect more shade for us, which will cool our guests, during summer.

On Dec., 24-25,2013, we going to have an event in the resort. THE FIRST ISLA
VERDE SPEAR FISHING AND FISH HOOKING CONTEST. We have tarpaulins done, and they should be placed in each baranggay, and on the boats travelling to isla. All are invited to come and have fun with us. On Christmas day, which is our finals, we’re giving a party to everyone. Mr. and Mrs. Sakuma, sponspored some bottles of sake (rice wine), and some pica-pica for pulutan.

All the fishes caught from the event will be served. I will cook fish head curry for them, grilled some tulingan, samaral and tambakol. We will have miso soup, as the participants will feel cold, catching fish as its cold in Isla at this time. We are going to give gifts, for the kids too and some consolation prizes for the losers.

Viva Isla Verde!!!
Season's greetings with all good wishes for the new year!!!!