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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Vietnamese Guests - by Jo

Tina has been an exchange student from Vietnam and has lived in the Philippines for 6 years while she studied.  She graduated from La Salle University last March 12.  Her parents visited the Philippines to attend her graduation, and she brought them here to our resort.

This is what Tina wrote to us:

I invited my parents to go on a short trip that's not far from Manila.  So I searched for top best places to go in Batangas and I found Isla Verde Island.  The place seems to be interesting and fascinating for me, so I decided to visit here for the first time.  I have also researched for the tips and reminders before commuting to our destination.  Hence, our travel was very fast and smooth which took us 3 hours waiting for the boat because we arrived too early.

Everything was great.  The owners of the resort were very approachable and accommodating to our needs.  Most importantly, we were amazed with the beaches surrounding here because of the clear water and beautiful view of corals.

That's the part that we enjoyed the most and we definitely won't forget the memorable experience.  By any chance, we would love to stay longer and enjoy each moment here in this island and the wonderful people here.

Vo Phuoy Thao

It was so nice to have Tina and her parents here.  Some of my family happened to be staying here also and when we lit the evening bonfire there was a happy group, Tina and her parents, with me and my sons Budoy and Boyboy, and cousins Dieter (who takes our guests on guided tours), Macky and Dimple.

They are a kind and happy family and even invited us to share some of their meals, including rice topped with ground peanuts and sesame seeds and some spam.

Tina would have liked to stay longer, but her father was called back by the Vietnamese Embassy so they had to leave the following day.

They have invited me to visit them in Hanoi, and I hope one day I can go.

Before passengers boarded the boat, the goods were taken aboard for people on Isla Verde.  

After about 45 minutes sailing - Arrival at Isla Verde.

Then into the small banca to be paddled ashore.. Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort.

The accommodation is not luxury, just a simple bamboo hut (kubo).
There is a 'Tess Cafe' if you don't want to cook for yourself, with nice meals available.

Around the resort there are simple dirt tracks
And cement paths.
Leading to little villages in the countryside,
And by the seaside.
While the best coral and fish are seen by snorkelling in the shallow waters right in front of the resort, it is only a short walk to sandy beaches.
If you want to rent snorkelling gear for a small fee..
You can snorkel even from the sandy beaches..
or relax with the friendly locals and enjoy the view for a while.
Not all the homes on Isla Verde are simple.  It is an interesting place to explore.
From the fishing beaches.. the mountains.
There's always something to see.
And when you return at the end of the day...
After a pleasant day of exploring..
The sunset..
..changes the colors of the island!

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